Affirmations Project Calendar

The Affirmations Calendar, a 12-month picture calendar of affirmations for brown boys. Project documentary coming soon. Talking to black women about intentional use of affirmations to their sons.

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Shattered Pieces

The Story Behind The Mask of Success

Based on a True Story

Coming Late Spring 2021Teaser Trailer

Losing Mama

Prepare to laugh, cry and be blessed as this gospel stage play deals with a family’s struggle with the Matriarch bouts with dementia.

Losing MamaVimeo On-Demand

Friend Request 1 & 2 (feature films)

This is a film about the ‘very hush-hush’ human trafficking industry. It will bring awareness to this multi-billion dollar scourge! A few teenage girls agree to accept a friend request, but they have no idea who is really on the other side. A casual meeting turns their worlds upside down.

Part 1 | Watch now on Amazon Prime VideoPart 2 | Full Trailer Released

Impulse (short film)

Coming Soon

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KZFrazier Drama Facebook Reviews

KZFrazier Drama
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Shametra Renee
Shametra Renee
Great play! It was executed very well.
Luvina Ann Norwood-Sabree
Luvina Ann Norwood-Sabree
The Friend Request was AMAZING!
Levallois Hamilton
Levallois Hamilton
Every show I’ve seen has been phenomenal! The stories are about REAL life. The plays can be an emotional rollercoaster.... You will laugh, cry, be upset, and be inspired all at the same time! They’re definitely a must see!read more

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