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Dr. K.Zamore found that telling a story through film has an impact on the audience that leaves lasting effects from the stories depicted. She values sharing her visual compositions of social issues through film and feels that it brings the message to life. Enjoy!

Image by Matthias Wagner

See what happens next.

Friend Request 2

See what happens next.

Who gets killed?

Who gets caught?

(In Post - Production)


Someone dies!!

Can you guess who?

Stay tuned. 2020 is going to be EPIC!

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Friend Request 2

(Teaser Trailer)

Trailers edited by Chris Sanders.

The couple appear to have it all, but there is dark secret Karen struggles to control, because if it ever gets out it will leave each person connected.

Shattered Pieces extended trailer: YouTube | Facebook

K. Zamore

K. Zamore
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