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This book is an eye-opener and a voice one who has been through the valley of the shadow of death and has come through with a greater praise and anointing. It is a personal experience that will open the eyes of women and men to underlying problem of domestic violence and the denial of those who are victims in and out of the Church. 

This book will give you deeper insight to how the victim thinks and feels through the process of change and how advocates can impact, influence and support victims. Moreover, Restored is about finding the voice within to come from a time of mourning into the joy of dancing.

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This is a parenting expert. Co authored by myself and 6 other parents. Struggles, successes up and downs of parenting my three sons.

Who gave you, or your parent for that matter, a detailed manual for parenting? NO ONE but sometimes we wish someone would shed some light from their experiences so we can all be BETTER at this thing called parenting!

Each parent must find a way to deliver what their child needs and help guide them towards adulthood. Sometimes that challenge proves to be overwhelming, and the struggles and trials of life prove to be too daunting.

Whether you are a parent struggling to raise your children or child struggling with pain from a parent, these eight coauthors have a message to deliver; one of love, hope, and forgiveness. Each coauthor has transcribed their pain and lessons learned into memorable chapters that demonstrate the transformative power of God.

This book will touch areas that:
have long been buried
confront some hidden scars, and
give you hope for your situation.

Each author provides something relatable and revelatory to share with the reader. Read and witness the testimony of triumph over parental struggles through the healing power of the Holy Spirit! Dive right in!

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Image by Camille Orgel

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