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Friend Request
This is a film about the โ€˜very hush-hushโ€™ human trafficking industry. It will bring awareness to this multi-billion-dollar scourge! A few teenage girls agree to accept a friend request, but they have no idea who is really on the other side. A casual meeting turns their worlds upside down.

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This romantic comedy explores the life of beautiful and intelligent, Tempest Dupont, a ruthless corporate attorney who has achieved every goal in life except one! She is the epitome of overcoming the circumstances into which one is born. Raised in the rural south, she vowed to never live like her mother. Her eyes were set on big city living. At age 13, she had mapped out her life and achieved every goal she set. She made associate in 5 years and full partner in 8. However, nearing her 36th birthday, Tempest is hoping to find love; the very last detail on her checklist and the only thing which has eluded her. However, she is finding that love cannot be controlled or planned. It just happens!

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Shattered Pieces
Based on real events and taken from excerpts from her book โ€œRestoredโ€ Kerry Ann Frazier. The couple appear to have it all, but there is a dark secret Karen struggles to control, because if it ever gets out it will leave each person connected.

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Losing Mama
Prepare to laugh, cry and be blessed as this gospel stage play deals with a familyโ€™s struggle with the Matriarch bouts with dementia.

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KZamore Entertainment, LLC (KZFrazier Drama, LLC), is a veteran owned theater company based in Central Texas. The vision for the company is to Impact, Influence, Inspire, Educate and Empower using creative arts.

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