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Impulse is a short story of a young woman on the rise of her career. On the eve of her big break she goes out on an impulse where she encounters an attractive young man at the rise of his career. Their happenstance meeting takes a turn when he walks into her meeting. Sometimes a thing set in motion cannot be undone.

A short film by Kerry-Ann Zamore

Based on the book “A Tamed Heart” by Kerry-Ann Zamore
(Coming Summer 2021)

KayLynn Wilkerson
Will Moleon
Damascus Ross
NeNe Stephenson
Amp Roscoe
Ty Campbell
Nicole Harrell
Jerry Juliano
Bethany Watkins
Veronica Batista

Directed by
Kerry-Ann Zamore
Vic Hall

Video Editor
Antonio Edward

Camera Operator
Sophia Ellis

Winston German

Trailer Music
β€œCan I Have Your Number”
Written by: Karagan Mayberry
Courtesy of Double Sword Entertainment, LLC


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