KZFD Game Changer Award

Let me tell you about last night’s event at the Harker Heights E. Center the First Annual Black Business Gala. What a wonderful night celebrating the accomplishments of Blacks in Business in the Killeen area. Ronnie Russell, what an undertaking! You did it with class and grace and make us proud! Please register your business with Texas Black Pages, this guy is the real deal! Tavares Bethel great job Mcing! You were hilarious! Carolyn Brown you made the venue sparkle and we all felt the love you put into making us all feel welcomed. Luvina Ann Norwood-Sabree Thank you!! We were among many who were nominated for their work in the community. Thank you for all who supported us and still continue to support us on this journey! We are so appreciative for the show of love. We won the Game Changer Award. What an awesome blessing given to us by our community, THANK YOU! Our dynamic cast of actors and stage hands, sound technicians, musicians, sponsors and everyone who has helped us along the way THANK YOU! KZFD is truly working towards making a difference in our community through stage plays, educational skits, and film. We endeavor to work with our community and bring resources TO our community! We are delighted to continue to work on our upcoming projects knowing that we are making a difference. If you would like to work with us. Please send us a message to info@kzfrazierdrama.com

“This Black Business Awards Gala for Texas is a prestigious ceremony designed to showcase outstanding business owners, industry experts, professionals and entrepreneurial success stories. A lot goes on behind the scenes of any business venture and it takes boldness, commitment, discipline and dedication to be successful in anything in life. Managing money, employees, competition, market trends and a few other factors that can hinder someone from reaching a successful climax in business or as a professional. For this reason and much more we are celebrating those that have done well and create a forum to uplift others that are coming behind.”

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