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Friend Request 1 (film)

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5.1 Surround Sound

This is a film about the ‘very hush-hush’ human trafficking industry. It will bring awareness to this multi-billion dollar scourge! A few teenage girls agree to accept a friend request, but they have no idea who is really on the other side. A casual meeting turns their worlds upside down.

SHORT FILM PRESENTATION KZFD Screening 2019 (trailer and movie)
GOLD AWARD WINNER – TRAILER International Independent Film Awards – Summer 2019 (trailer)
FINALIST Central Florida CineFest 2019
OFFICIAL SELECTION Capital City Black Film Festival 2019
OFFICIAL SELECTION Waco Family & Faith International Film Festival 2020 (trailer)
OFFICIAL SELECTION Denton Black Film Festival 2020

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5.1 Surround Sound

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Movie Credits

a KZFrazier Drama production
a film by Kerry Ann-Z. Frazier

written & directed by
Kerry Ann-Z. Frazier


Nevada Sanders > Skye Cameron Myers
Ashlyn Franks > Jaina Wrex
Asha Allen > Emma Rose Gill
Kaitlin Merchant > Jordan Buie

Coach Kase > William Moleon
Cora | Demi > Antoinette Bailey

Bartender Rudy > Anthony Amp Roscoe
Bartender Jade > Myiesha Freeman

Mrs. Allen > Vallon Holcomb
Mr. Allen > Kerry Ramsay
Mrs. Franks > Raylene Gill
Mr. Franks > Andrew Lauck
Mrs. Sanders > Jodie Wrex
Mr. Sanders > Jerry Juliano
Ms. Jordan Merchant > Toni Ringgold

slumber party > JenaiTené Young, K’Zariah Owens
cabin abductee > Jarin Humphrey

Detective Simms > Kyle Moore
Detective Bradshaw > L. Renée Hall
rookie cop > Phillip Smith
extra cop > Bethany Watkin

boy in kitchen > Kyle Gill
Mrs. Allen friend > Naomi Sanford
Corey F profile picture > Vincent Barronette III
Alton James facetime > Andrew Barronette
Alton & detective phone voice > Antonio TwizShiz Edward
kids at the creek > Zion Ringgold, Demarcus Edward, Jacen Wrex

lounge extras
DJ Augie
Jamie Mayberry
Jacen Wrex
James Wrex
Nathaniel Taylor
Naomi Sanford
Melissa Meyers
John Lauck
Serenity A. Edward

car garage driver
Naomi Sanford


assistant director
Serenity A. Edward

director of photography
Robert T. McDorman
R2+G2 Productions

drone operator
Chris Sanders
I am King Entertainment

Chris Sanders
Antonio TwizShiz Edward

camera operators
lights hardware
Chris Sanders
Robert T. McDorman

special effects make-up
Emma Rose Gill
Jarin Humphrey
Skye Cameron Meyers
Wilzatta Buie

on set therapist
Wilzatta Buie

fight scene coordinator
Richard White

Geechie’s Southern Style Restaurant
Killeen, TX

on-set audio
John P. Rachwitz
Daryl Frazier

boom operator
Daryl Frazier
John P. Rachwitz
James Juliano

production designer
lighting director
Antonio TwizShiz Edward

assistant producer
production assistant
storyboard artist
Jarin Humphrey

casting directors
Daryl Frazier
Kerry-Ann Z. Frazier

Antonio TwizShiz Edward
E.L. Hill
L’Renee Hall
Roland Stewart
Serenity A. Edward

casting assistant
Michael Hall

fog machine operator
Augustine Ramirez


video & audio editor
post-production manager
sound effects
digital cinema package
Antonio TwizShiz Edward
Shiz Media Studios

post-production audio
Winston German
Anthony Williams
Frontier Sounds

original music composer
Jarard Kenneth Andrew Arnold
ipi/cae number 630557557

movie poster design
Jarard Kenneth Andrew Arnold

lip & key tattoo design
Jarin Humphrey


Kevin MacLeod
Dark Pad
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
creativecommons / licenses / by / 3.0

songwriter / composer
Jarard Kenneth Andrew Arnold
ipi/cae number 630557557
El Son 12 | El Alma Y Espiritú
Lo Mucho Que Te Quiero (Remix)
Breath & Chances
Friend Request – Sleep Over Turn Up

dramatic musical elements
Antonio TwizShiz Edward


Phil Smith
Tyku Wine Bar & Lounge
Killeen, TX

Killeen Community Center
Killeen, TX

Meghan C. Zuraw PhD
Program Manager
National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

Google Earth imagery
Google Maps imagery
© 2019 Google

I-410 / FM 2790 / I-35 photo
Ken Lund
Flickr / kenlund / 16075871509
Creative Commons
Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)

I-10 Entrance Sign photo
Zach Maillard
Flickr / zacharymaillard / 1966552153

I-35 / 290 Interchange photo
© Copyright 2016 TexasFreeway

Blackmagic Ursa Mini
Sony FS7
Panasonic G4

shot in 4k
edited in cinemascope 2.35:1
(29:1 ratio)

video editor & mastering
audio editor
Magix VEGAS Pro 14.0

audio mastering
Avid Pro Tools

audio mix
5.1 surround sound
(ascents in 7.1)

digital cinema package
4k scope
7.1 surround sound

digital disk media
Dolby Digital 5.1 AC-3
480i: anamorphic 4:3 to 16:9 in 29:1 ratio
1080p: 16:9 in 29:1 ratio

executive producers
Kerry-Ann Z. Frazier
Daryl Frazier

friend request

The characters in this film are fictitious.
Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

parental advisory advised

KZFrazier Drama, LLC © 2019
all rights reserved

Friend Request Photos and Music Soundtrack

Friend Request Photos and Music Soundtrack: YouTube


5.1 Surround Sound

Friend Request | Part 1 (On Amazon Prime) | Part 2 (In production)


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