TEMPEST: A Sold Out Production

August 19th was a fantastic day for KZFrazier Drama. With two shows in one day, Tempest was opened with talented artists and creatives for each show. The first showing opened with rapper Levallois and poet Brandon Thornton of Encore ATX. The final showing opened with poet Brandon Thornton and singer/songwriter Jokia. Both productions included a beautiful performance by N’Harmone.
Tempest is a comedic production about a young, successful woman who has everything she has ever dreamed of…except love. The comedy received rave reviews and sold out of every seat.
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Our next production will be Sunday Dinner, coming March 2018

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Dupont Series



5.1 Surround Sound

This romantic comedy explores the life of beautiful and intelligent, Tempest Dupont, a ruthless corporate attorney who has achieved every goal in life except one! She is the epitome of overcoming the circumstances into which one is born. Raised in the rural south, she vowed to never live like her mother. Her eyes were set on big city living. At age 13, she had mapped out her life and achieved every goal she set. She made associate in 5 years and full partner in 8. However, nearing her 36th birthday, Tempest is hoping to find love; the very last detail on her checklist and the only thing which has eluded her. However, she is finding that love cannot be controlled or planned. It just happens!

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Past Plays

Who Done It: A Murder Mystery


This outstanding production was a “sip and see” murder mystery set in the Harlem Renaissance era. As an interactive production, the audience was involved with helping solve a crime while listening to music from the time era. As a benefit for the domestic violence shelter, Who Done It: A Murder Mystery was a SOLD OUT production and received rave reviews.

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Past Plays

A Family Matter


A Family Matter is a second installation of the play Marriage Matters based on a book by Tyrone Holcomb. A group of sisters and their husbands go on a vacation.Β  Much to their surprise, a guest pops up at the vacation getaway, their stepsister resulting from their father’s affair. All hell broke lose as the family learned the heart of the matter, love, and that family matters.

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Past Plays

Behind Closed Doors


Behind Closed Doors β€œFrom the Prison to the Palace” is an original stage play written by Minister Kerry Ann Frazier.

The play explores the spiritual warfare that takes place in the lives of several women. The devil comes to kill, steal and destroy the heart, mind, and soul of mankind; but there is another side; God has given us the power to defeat the devil and to live victoriously.

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