About KZamore Entertainment

Kerry-Ann Zamore Frazier is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Counselor. She is a University Professor, as well as the Owner and Director of KZamore Entertainment (formally KZFrazier Drama), a community-based Theatre and Film company. She is also a facilitator, motivational speaker, published author, screen and stage playwright, and actress.

Frazier is a graduate of The University of Maryland with a focus in Education and Psychology, a Master’s degree in Education, Training and Facilitation from The University of Phoenix and a second Master’s degree of Social Work from The University of Southern California.

Frazier is a dynamic and energetic trainer and facilitator who is passionate about creating healthy environments for families. She uses theatrical presentations to facilitate training: Teaching victim advocacy, intervention strategies, family violence, sexual assault awareness, autism awareness, conflict resolution and number of other subjects. Frazier also teaches the basic concepts of drama, stage presence, building a sound drama team in the church as well as community. She is a skilled trainer for start-up drama teams: Methods of constructing an effective team, writing for the stage, starting where you are, casting, lighting/sound and set design and effective marketing. Frazier believes that illustrated presentations carry visual messages that are often missed in the traditional lecture teachings.

Frazier has led in drama for over 20 years, writing numerous original stage plays to include: A Family Matter, Sunday Dinner, Tempest, Never Too Late, A Family Matters, The Prodigal, Four Women, An Adaptation of Scrooge, Behind Closed Doors, Murder Mystery, and much more. She has also written screenplays: The Friend Request and Running. She is a published author of “Restored” and “Heneni”. Frazier states that her vision is to Impact and Empower and strengthen communities through the use of theatre, film and facilitation.



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